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Body Massage
Zen Stones

I went to Allison three months after shoulder surgery and within two sessions made more progress with my shoulder than in two months of physical therapy.  She also helped with existing leg, hip, and back issues.  I wish I had seen her before getting surgery. Would definitely recommend her to anyone having muscle or pain issues.

Stephen Siirtola - Sarasota 


Jen Fiers, Head Tennis Pro, LRTC, Sarasota Fla.

"I have had almost every treatment possible for lower back pain and hip pain (and spent many dollars); from chiropractor, to physical therapy, to different massage techniques, to acupuncture… and none of them seemed to provide any long term relief.

Allison offered to treat me initially with MFR and I was fairly certain it would be another treatment that wouldn't really make a noticeable difference. However, I have to stand corrected! Allison’s treatment had a far greater positive effect on me than any other I have ever had. My body relaxed, my muscles twitched and released in places I never thought possible and I came out feeling rejuvenated and slept pain free like a baby. Not only is Allison a master of the anatomy, she has a way with her touch that produces a deep healing I have never experienced before. She explains in an informative and unintrusive way what she is doing and why, which I really appreciated. She really took her time to feel what my body needed. The effects of Allisons bodywork leaves me feeling so relaxed for days. I sleep so much better and have much less pain. The massage itself is pain free too, unlike deep tissue or sports massages I've has in the past. Allison knows how to treat specific pain and fatigue with myofascial release like no other massage therapist I've had, and I have had many many massages in my 30 years of playing sports and coaching. I highly recommend her treatments.

Sarah S. Sarasota Florida. 

I have chronic pain due to lyme and my joints are arthritic. This is the ONLY therapy that gives me lasting relief. I did need to come twice a week in the beginning but then the therapy seemed to last longer and longer. Allison also sent me away with routines I can do on my own. This is so important because I can take charge and help myself when in pain. Thank you Allison!!

Libby Morris - LWR Fla,

I have suffered from TMJ for years. It got really bad with Covid. Allison did intraoral work, also worked on my neck, shoulders and spine. I don't have any TMJ and my migraines are gone. I  am so grateful I no longer take migraine medicine. 

Suzann R

Our 12 year old daughter was two weeks into a significant concussion when we found Allison and myofascial therapy. She had spent the majority of those two weeks in a dark room suffering from severe headaches, vision issues and crushing fatigue. Her concussion MDs in St Pete and Sarasota had been attentive and were monitoring closely but had no actual solution for healing. Once Allison got involved, however, the improvement was remarkable. After the first session our daughter showed immediate improvement - her eyes which had been so flat suddenly came to life again. With each visit over the course of subsequent weeks Allison gently treated my daughter's skull making room, in layman's terms, for the swollen brain to move. In addition to the healing Allison's hands were able to expedite, she had a wonderful demeanor with my daughter who was frightened both by the pain she was feeling as well as how long it was dragging on. Allison's compassion provided benefits well beyond the physical. As my daughter said in one of her last sessions, "I wish Allison were my mom. She always makes me feel better and knows just the right thing to say." We were so grateful to find Allison and the unique healing provided by MFR.


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