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I LET GO....


Freshly minted from a John F Barnes Myofascial Release vacation series in Key West!

We just spent intensive time with John Barnes and other OT,PT,MT's learning, giving and receiving the incredible work of John Barnes Myofascial Release.

This time was focused on techniques used to release the structural and fascial system in the thoracic, cervical and cranial regions. Think, breath, ribs, shoulders head and neck.... ahhhh, release.

We did some profound work with rebounding, if you haven't experienced it let me know! Like much of MFR, its subtle work with very deep beneficial results. As I tell anyone who receives this work, "it can stir things up", moving towards healing and feeling the best you can.

I look forward to sharing this whole body of work as well as specific techniques with you soon!

If you have had an MFR experience and wish to share please open the conversation on this blog. The more the merrie

Be well and book in now!

Much love, Allison.

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